GARNIER Light Complete – How it Complements my Lifestyle Change

This year, I have huge changes in my lifestyle. I have changed my diet and I have seen the changes of my weight when I turn away from processed foods. Thankfully, I have stayed with this commitment. Not only in the food that I have changed but also with the cosmetics that I use. I am aware now that my skin (as largest part of the body) absorbs everything we apply to it. This year I avoided harsh and strong chemically produced cosmetics as I am afraid of their effects on my body once they are collected. I even avoided lipsticks and apply occasionally only.

These changes in my lifestyle pushed me to look up for natural products. When I go to personal care products section, I always read the product’s labels first (it’s like a habit). It is my conscious effort to make sure that at least I’m using natural ingredients. Toxins are dangerous to our body so we have to be careful with them.

Despite my fear of chemicals, it is still my goal to look pretty and have fair skin so I searched for the best natural skin products that suit my needs. I am naturally morena and have that dark complexion. I have no complaint about my complexion as I am happy with it , what I wanted is to have a smooth and healthy looking skin. With the use of Garnier Light Complete Multi Action, my skin doesn’t just turned out smoother but has clearer results.




Lemon is naturally good for skin that is why I am enthusiastic to learn that Garnier’s main ingredient is lemon. You can tell by the way it looks, it look so lemon ayt? The smell is very enticing and its texture is very smooth that its addictive to apply. I’ve been using Garnier Whitening Moisturizer for quite a long time now. I can say I am satisfied with it.

garnier light complete cream

Garnier Light Complete has 2 main components which are pure lemon essence and salicylic acid derivative. They are both gentle to the skin for lightening. So as you rub Garnier cream you will not feel any harshness of it.

Here is a picture of happy me using Garnier Light Complete Multi- Action Whitening Cream. For me it is the best whitening moisturizer because you get results in no time and is gentle on skin. It has UVA/UVB properties so it lets you enjoy your time under the sun without worrying about your skin. Garnier keeps it healthy and protects it from harmful rays of the sun. Where else could you get that?

garnier cream

This moisturizing cream plays multiple roles for your skin:

-It keeps it fair
-Fades out acne and dark marks- All day oil control
- Shine-free look

I have dark marks on my face but my Garnier keep them at bay. It covers the marks perfectly making me feel confident any day! I even have the Garnier Light overnight whitening peeling cream so I have a good pair in handling my skin needs. They work hand in hand for me.


This cream is everything you need. It is affordable and you can save a lot because it acts as moisturizer and lightening cream. You will not get any cream like this in the market in affordable price but of high quality. Again as I’ve mentioned above I like this one as it is naturally derived! The smell, the texture, it’s lemon!

Girls rejoice! Try Garnier now and see the difference in your life! Like their fb page here.

Take care Garnier!


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