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Updated July 5, 2012

Wohoo the wait is over! Got the Firmoo sunglasses with me now. Immediately, I unpacked it with sheer excitement. And tadaa! wore it around my eyes, went outside to test how the lens functions under the sun. Gosh it exceeds my expectation. It makes the surroundings appear darker but still visibly clear in my eyes.The design I very  much like too, the side has a silver intricate curve. The frame color is my favorite attribute. Color changes as light background changes, such a cutie! Here’s  what I’m trying to say:

Under the sun: light brown

Under daylight: dark brown

The firmoo sunglasses is noticeably made of durable plastic. It’s sturdiness is a proof that it can withstand wear and exposure to unwanted elements. It is not easily bend and has a classy look. Take a glimpse how it fit perfectly around my eye area. My eyes are well protected that sunlight and foreign elements cannot enter. My eyes are very sensitive, good to know I have this firmoo sunglasses with me to enjoy my travel or whenever I need it.

( My hair in a poorly done photoshop to achieve a gorgeous hair lol. Want to enroll in my photoshop lesson? Email me now haha)

Thank you again Firmoo!


Good news bloggers! Firmmo Optical Store is offering free glasses to bloggers who would write a short review of their free offers. Go directly to their official announcement here. It’s very easy to join! They will send the free glasses after writing them, and the good thing is they will shoulder the payment for delivery. Choose between plano glasses or a regular sunglasses.

My choice is this below because I need it for traveling from my current city to visit my hometown which is 3 hrs drive away.


Such a great opportunity to have this kind of branded eye-wear. Waiting for it to arrive haha ;-)

Will update this post soon once I have this at hand. My blogger friends have their glasses already so can’t help but get excited.

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