Flamenco Cafe and Bar

Name: Flamenco Cafe and Bar

Address: Gomez – Burgos St. 9000 Cagayan de Oro

Some of my friends have been buzzing about the new cafe in Cagayan de Oro named Flamenco Cafe and Bar. They said it’s a worth-a-try there!

From entering you can easily distinguished that the place has a different kind of European theme. The personnel welcomed us with a menu. I asked what’s their specialty. She answered that they have a ‘menu of the week’ which is a burger (forgot the name). We unhesitatingly order for it and spaghetti too for me. :)

While waiting for the food they offered us complimentary crackers. Hehe too bad I took photo when there’s only 3 pieces bread stick left on the glass but don’t you love the essence of photography? hehe

I find comfort with their book display and other cute stuff:

After few minutes, the foods are now on the table:

A huge burger with delectable fillings

Spaghetti with meatballs – yummy and saucy!

Bryan enjoying the lens and bites

And yours truly… Forgive the wacky face hehe

The empty plate is just a proof that I gulped the spaghetti right before the camera was clicked. Whoaa that fast eii. :P

The food:  Very enticing to the eyes and to the tongue of course

The place: Feels like you’re on cafe somewhere in Europe with a low light

The price: Affordable

The verdict: I will not forget the yummy-ness of spaghetti! I will be back to try other pasta in the Flamenco Cafe and Bar.

Contact: yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com

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