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I have read recently on Yahoo that at the age of 20, one must be using an eye cream so as to keep us away from aging and looking old. Using creams has been claimed to be an investment to look good as time went by. Many suggested that we start using anti aging products at the age of 20 and so on. This would help us eliminate wrinkles around our eyes. I read about this a lot of times, and I become even curious about the idea. Some face creams will not work well on our eyes because it is not specially made for that function. Women should include eye creams on their beauty products then. Eye creams can eliminate the dark circles around our eyes and even small visibility of wrinkles.

I have seen on tv ad the eye roll of Garnier. I have never tried it but I have a garnier face powder I’ve been using everyday. It works great and gives me a matte finish. I think I’m considering of purchasing this Garnier eye cream but one thing that might hinder me of purchasing one is the high price, lol! Eye creams and eye rolls are specially expensive. No wonder, even celebrities use them to look great. But how does this eye cream work in the first place?

Garnier eye cream

An eye cream is a specially formulated moisturizer that in most cases has been tested as effective to use near the eyes, and that won’t damage the soft tissue around the eyes or cause eye irritation. Many of these creams are made with special ingredients that help either reduce the look of  wrinkles around the eyes, provide anti-aging benefits, or help to reduce darker skin tone around the eyes. Some products offer more than one benefit, but all benefit claims have to be taken with a grain of salt, since cosmetic companies are quite well known for making inflated claims about their products.

Here are some famous eye creams:

1. Prototype #37-C is by far the most powerful anti-wrinkle serum legally sold on the market today. Not only does Prototype #37-C eliminate wrinkles around the eyes but also dark circles and puffiness underneath the eyes. Prototype #37-C uses 6 Powerful Peptides in a 99% concentration to reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles better than any other product available.

  • Only Product with 99% Peptide Concentration
  • Outperforms Industry Leading Wrinkle Products by 257% in Average
  • Safe ingredients that won’t damage sensitive skin around the eyes
  • Most Powerful Anti-Wrinkle Formula on the Market, Even Stronger than Botox
  • 90 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

2. Oxytoxin Type-II has been developed using controversial “Stem-Cell” Technology and powerfully stimulates the regeneration of skin cells vital for replenishing the skin. This dermatologist recommended eye cream works with proven ingredients specifically designed for the delicate skin around the eyes. Consumers can’t get enough, in fact, they have given Oxytoxin Type-II a 97% customer-approval rating. And every customer can try it completely risk free as every tube comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

  • Utilizes controversial “Stem-Cell” technology
  • Results that last
  • Noticeable decrease in crow’s feet, bags, and puffiness
  • Safe ingredients that are effective
  • Proven ingredients in clinically proven amounts
  • 90 day money back guarantee

3. Oxytokin is the best value in the anti-aging industry. Oxytokin climbed to fame for being the “ultimate” anti-wrinkle cream at the “fraction of the price of the leading competitors.” Oxytokin is perfect for increasing collagen production to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Identical products cost as much as $300, but Oxytokin is priced under $30.

  • 6 Innovative and Proven Peptides
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Under $30 (product of this quality will cost well over $150 at department stores)
  • Lasting Results
  • You Can Use It as Everyday Moisturizer
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Lowest Online Price: $99.99/per bottle

4. Dermatopin is packed with the world’s most powerful skin care ingredients to eliminate the signs of aging around the eyes. Dermatopin helps reduce bags and puffiness and eliminates dark circles. The advanced ingredients Eyeseryl, Pepha Tight and Vitamin C dramatically improve the look of your skin around the eyes. If you’ve noticed wrinkles cropping up, bags or dark circles under your eyes, Dermatopin is GUARANTEED to help.

  • Eliminates All Signs of Aging Around the Eyes
  • Features Proven Ingredients Eyeseryl, Pepha Tight and Vitamin C
  • Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Gives the Eyes a Youthful Look
  • Reduces Bags by 70%
  • Increases Collagen Production

5. Considered one of the most powerful wrinkle-fighting eye creams on the market, Freezox is a 100% Natural wrinkle serum that has gained worldwide notoriety. Designed with Acetyl Octapeptide-3 and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Freezox even outperforms the average prescription eye cream. Freezox works within minutes. With the highest cost per ounce in the industry, Freezox often retails for $579.00 in high-end department stores. However, you can find it online for $197.55.

  • Clinically Tested, Allergy Tested, Non-Sensitizing, Non-Irritating, and Hypoallergenic.
  • Freezox Age Reversal Technology works to diminish the appearance of wrinkles
  • A safe alternative to Botox® and other synthetic products especially for the sensitive areas around the eyes.
  • Features the use of Acetyle Octapeptide-3 and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients and 100% Legal

Source: http://www.eyecream.org/

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