Experimenting with my Hair

Inspired by my previous post about modern buns I tried it myself one fine afternoon and this is what I got.

modern bun

modern bun

It only took few minutes to up do my hair. I just pulled it up in one, curled it on top and inserted a pin so as to keep it in form. One can also tie it up with bands . No hair polisher or hair product was applied in these pics so as you can notice hair is a little messy :D  A head band can add beauty to the whole appearance, just bought a head band last week. Happy that I can finally use it in almost all the time in my house.

I arrange another type of bun

And this one I think is influenced by Korean singer Sandara Park of 2en1. (looks not good though :P)

Lastly I did the simplest thing on my hair….

Well, this is one of the things I love to do when I can be with myself, when I give time to myself and experiment with new things I want to do. A time alone and enjoying girly stuff helps a lot in liking and loving yourself more.

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