End the day at P.Joe’s

I had a really long day yesterday and I’m not surprised with my 10 long hours of sleep last night! Just a proof that I have been tired for a week of work and a sleep of 5-6 hours per day. Now I can say that my body really restore what I need to restore. It just comes naturally, I believe. Yesterday is a fun-filled day, we end it up with a little celebration at P.Joe’s becauseĀ  Bryan just bought his new motorbike. P.Joe restaurant is located at SM’s first floor. We enjoyed our dinner starter Caesar’s salad.

caesar's salad

Very awesome! I’m not a fan of salad but this one really taste so good! Bryan and Umer had the same dish, barbecue and shrimps as a side dish.

meat barbeque and shrimp

I savor Bryan’s shrimp, I ate most of it haha. Since I’m considering a diet that day, I only ordered spaghetti with fries. Lol! Carbo loaded still. I was hoping to skip rice.

sphagetti and fries

Just to give you an idea of how the day was spent, here are random pics. (Post is full of pics)

Christmas decorations

While on the cab I took a pic outside, Christmas is really here.


Bryan waiting for Umer to come, this is how an anxious man looks like. Lol! Umer taught him to drive his motorbike.

And so the session start, see the two of them bonding together.

Perfect place to learn how to drive.

Bryan and Umer waiting for the motorbike to be finally unwrapped.

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