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I am writing this on a Sunday while the sun is up and a good smoothie would be a perfect pair while watching a movie inside the house to stay away from the scorching heat of the sun. Unfortunately I don’t have a shake right now. :-( We all want relaxing weekends, well who doesn’t? What’s your ideal relaxing weekend? Most of the time, I would opt to just stay at home on a Sunday. I would start my day with a fresh lemon juice and drink it while immersing to the new sunshine of the day. Simple pleasures in life!

On my next weekends I plan to wake up to a refreshing drink! And that is apple and carrot juice. Wonder why? It is loaded with detoxifying elements that washes away the toxins in my bloating tummy plus it is loaded with vitamins essential to our body (talking like a health buff here :) This is a better choice in my life now. I especially need this juice to awaken me up and start my day right.

To prepare this juice/shake I would need to get up earlier, gather the ingredients, and turn on the blender. And the whole neighborhood woke up to the alarming sound of my blender!!! That would be a nightmare, its not on top of my list to disturbed others while I make my own leisure – fruitshake. So I dig up the internet to look for the best silent blender. Now I have here my wish at the moment. Please somebody give it to me. This would be part of my changing lifestyle. My newly discovered Powermix Silent Blender of Electrolux. As I read through the reviews, I become more impressed with the appliance. First thing I was looking for is a silent blender, the Powermix is not only just silent but also a good choice to blend all your fruits/veggies. Take a look, it is sturdy and durable. It has a sound reduction system and vibration reduction system so everything you put there would go smoothly. No hassles, no pressures.

Electrolux Powersilent Blender 2

Electrolux Powersilent Blender Jar 2

Electrolux Powersilent Blender Vortex Force

An efficient and reliable one! How happy would I be if I can sip my favorite fruit shakes/juices without leaving the home. Weekends would be much better to share with family. Here’s a proof that I am a fruit shake/smoothie lover!


Moving on, Weekends for me is also a chance to instant detoxification. It means removing the clutters around the house so everything I see is in order, less stress, less dusts, more vitality in life! How do you do that? I start with piling up my things then carry on with sweeping the floor, mopping, scrubbing, dusting off manually using my conventional duster, etc. But this cleaning process is tiring and would take longer. My aim to having a relaxing weekend would be sacrificed if I continue this cleaning method. I dig up again with the help of Mr.Internet to find the best vacuum. I wanted a silent one too as I wouldn’t want to disturb the sleep of my sister in the afternoon. (She can only sleep long during the weekend as she’s busy throughout the week in school.) Viola, I found this – Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum! Just what I thought would be perfect. Electrolux answered my prayers. It is made from 50% recycled plastic. Consumes up to 40% less power, making it the most eco friendly vacuum cleaner in the market. To those switching to green life, this one is a good to go.

Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum


Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum 2

With this Electrolux Ultra Silencer Vacuum, I can do more in life. I can have a relaxing weekend like going swimming, doing yoga, a quiet facial treatment and reading books. Ahh! life could get better with electronic cleaners like this. Not just a cleaner but very helpful to achieve a relaxed life.


These are the best things about spending a quiet and relaxing weekend at home, you can enjoy your quiet moment while enjoying the simple yet high quality of life. These appliances sure makes life easier and comfortable. This year I look forward to having these 2! I am positive that I can and I claim it!

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