Dream Body Shape Achieved with Wacoal


I’m not going to be shy in confessing that I’m not confident with my body figure ( but that doesn’t mean I don’t accept it) I love my body but I hope it is shaped better (without bumps and unwanted fats). You might think that I’m negative with it but all I wanted to see is an improvement in myself as I age. I wanted to see an evolution. As a woman turning 25 this month my heart is shouting for a change within myself.

I do yoga once or twice a week but I only see minimal results, the feeling of enthusiasm is just one. I’m not religiously doing yoga nor maintaining a healthy diet so what do I expect? The bulge in tummy is visible and body is not beautifully shaped *sigh*. All I could wish for is for the results to come fastest like thunder lol but no luck. It takes time, effort and money for the diet. in short it requires huge investment.

It’s true that days before your b-day you become emotional. I have so many plans and ideas going on my mind. One of the things I want to do is experiment with my get-up and body. I have to get out from my timid world sometimes. So one day, I’ve decided to shower myself with love. How do I get my dream figure in an instant? Just when I thought, the answer came right before my eyes when I was browsing the internet.

Here’s the story (Oh I was telling awhile ago) and the facts:

I am flat chested (boohoo)
I have a flat butt (just enough to sit on)
I have a flat flabby tummy (maybe because I sat down throughout my work)

So what do I do with these not so pleasant body attributes? I want an improved one even just during my b-day. In plight of a good shape, I ordered the following at Wacoal Corporation:

2 pcs padded bras (for flat chest haha)
1 shape pants panty to hide the flabby tummy (the brown panty)
1 hip pads panty (that black one)

wacoal shape pads

wacoal hip pads

So easy problem ei? SOLVED! I’m so happy that Wacoal helps me to realize my dream body shape. So satisfied with Wacoal materials that provide great comfort and intimate care for women like me. You can really say that they took the time and effort to study the needs of the women and how to answer these needs. I believe Wacoal is the perfect place to consult your body concerns like getting the right bra measurement and what to wear according to your body shape. See how shape changes as I wear the hip pads:

wacoal hip pads

Let the picture do the talking of how happy I am with the shape pants panty (my fats are hidden hehe). I wish I could own some more item.

wacoal shape pants panty

My experience with Wacoal was a great one. They respond in a ¬†friendly manner and accommodating. When I got my items I can’t help but be impressed with the quality and classy type of packaging.¬† I felt I received a very good service.

My life as a woman will never be the same. I look forward to buy more Wacoal products in the future to take care of my intimate body parts.

Contact: yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com

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