Disappointed with Columbia Computer Center

Personnel and technicians of the service center are very slow to respond to your request. They have to be followed up every hour, every minute and I feel dismayed with their service. Never would I want to approach their service again, I was terribly disappointed. I go back to the store 4 times today to get my laptop repaired and replaced the motherboard I waited for almost two weeks to arrive from Manila. I went there at 9 in the morning and submit my laptop to replace the motherboard, they said it would be fixed by 2 in the afternoon so I went there at 2:30 but still not done and found out it was not worked out yet. They said to be back at 4pm, I reluctantly get there at the said time, they made some calls and asked on the other line if it was fixed and I heard it was not even started, my face became red after hearing that but patiently waited for an hour and controlled the anger I have. After staying for an hour they said to be back at 6pm, I don’t want to go back so I let Bryan go alone to get the laptop. It’s 6 in the afternoon now, and I’m anxious to go home and they are the reason I’m waiting. I waited for a day and found out they fixed it at 5 in the afternoon. Come on! What kind of service is this??????

Contact: yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com

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