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If you are an avid reader of Women Inspirations you will notice how smitten I am with Japanese stuff. I love Japanese foods, products, some Japanese anime and culture. In our city I’ve explored some Japanese restaurants that makes me feel like I’m in Japan and I simply love the thought of it. I have my camera from Japan too that I’m still using today (wow, that’s solid!)

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This activity of mine leads me to discovering another Japanese product that meets the Japanese standards – high quality, kawaii, reliable, and original. Kojie.san is definitely the best kojic acid soap in the Philippines. Did you know that it is the first kojic acid soap that is introduced in the country? There’s no other Japanese soap in the market today that satisfies the customers goal in achieving a great looking and white skin tone.


Do you know what a kojic acid soap is? In History:

Kojic acid was derived from a mushroom in 1989 and has since been used in several skincare and anti-aging products as a natural ingredient for lightening skin pigmentation. Kojic acid soaps are typically made with a combination of natural skin lightening fruit acid and papaya extract that work by softening the skin and creating a luminous, healthy glow.

Now that you’ve read its historical background, I believe you are now convinced that it is naturally derived and a natural antioxidant that prevents the skin from aging. The good thing is, Kojie.san doesn’t have harmful chemicals that can hurt your skin. Some cosmetics today have high toxicity content which could harm our health. Choosing Kojie.san soap in taking care of your skin is a great decision you’ve made for your over-all wellness.

In addition, the papaya enzymes in Kojie.san soaps help to break down the top layer of skin cells and peel away damaged skin, revealing the fresh and healthy cells underneath.

Kojic acid is used by many Japanese men and women as part of their regular facial regimen so that the skin stays soft and vibrant. Kojic acid also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. So as you have noticed Japanese have clear and light skin.

Kojie San
Frequent users of the soap in the Philippines have visibly noticed that their skin lightened up and whitened also, that is due to the deep exfoliating properties of the soap. The micro-peeling effect of the soap helps to break down the top layer of skin cells and peel away damaged skin, revealing the fresh and healthy cells underneath.

Ladies who aim to have lighter skin tone should definitely try Kojie.san. It’s been used by many throughout the years s in different countries because of  its skin lightening benefits that is proven to be effective.

This is the latest Japanese product added to my collections.

Kojie.san is available at Watsons stores, and other leading stores in the country.


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