Davao Trip Part 2 – Ranchero Restaurant, Abreeza Mall and David Statue

On our 2nd day in Davao City, we took it slow to experience the metro side of the city. We hopped in to the latest mall in the city – Abreeza by Ayala! There we meet our high school classmate who’s now residing in Davao. Abby, Missy and Nestor got up late that day due to yesterday’s activity and eventually missed to have breakfast at Myhotel. Since their tummies are complaining already, we looked for a restaurant inside the mall. And while strolling, I found a familiar restaurant at the most top part of the mall, its name is Ranchero. From my last visit, Kai and few of my work buddies have been there too (F. Torres Street Branch). The first visit convinced me to try more recipes of the restaurant if given the chance. So now here I am again but in another branch (Abreeza Mall, Bajada)!

Hey we love the theme of Ranchero, it’s like you’re on a countryside feeling like a cowboy/cowgirl!. The most intricate part of our Ranchero visit was when we’re choosing the hats we like to wear especially us girls. We called the wait staff to take photos of us even though our foods are not served yet hehe. Bessy and me holding our props haha.

We were surprised that we ordered more than what we can actually finished when the foods were served. What! We have 6 menus on the table! Lol we laughed because we didn’t think twice and consider the sizes of the food. It looks like we haven’t eaten for weeks! But then again it was an enjoyable gathering.

So there, we start to be silent for a while to indulge with foods. But Bessy and me can’t stop taking photos. We exchanged snap shots while munching (same thinking indeed! hehe)

The power of pad thai be with you haha. Look at the magical touch at the back where the light is coming from.

She took this because the pad thai is too longggg.. And I was smiling because of the length, imagine that! The fork is almost covered up!Okay lah this is the Thai feeling, gotta adapt with it :)

Bessy, are you okay? Haha cut that now. Okay challenge accepted.

We have the following on their menus:

Crunchy Shrimp

Bryan’s all time favorite: chop seuy

Pad Thai

Nestor’s fave – Tuna kinilaw


And the most awaited part… Sizzling giant bulalo (Filipino beef recipe with sumptuous sauce)

It was a wonderful experience for us friends. To talk while we have good foods on the table. We left the food house with a huge tummy and satisfied. We asked for doggy bags to bring home the left overs hehe and left a tip as well. It was worth it that Ranchero was part of our vacation.

Our next day will be spent in Pearl farm resort, so as to preparation we might go shopping for foods or get-ups. We roam around at the mall to find interesting stuffs at boutiques. The sisters got stucked with swimwear at All H2O boutique. I didn’t bothered to fit there as prices are high lol. My few shopped items:

Random pics as we walked around.

(Th group who went to the same high school)

Truth is my feet got tired easily when walking for a long time especially that we walked whole day the day before that. Thought my feet not yet well.

I sat here with Abby and Missy to rest:

The girls…

At the evening after our ramen food trip, The 3 of us  Bryan, Abby and me went to Queensland to see David Statue Replica by Michelangelo. If you don’t know me yet, I am an art enthusiast and loves sculpture. This is the reason why David statue is part of my list. I appreciate the replica, the art, the mastery, the color, the structure. But few men would look at it with a different eye (if you know what I mean).

The inscriptions says:

DAVID. The Statue is a replica of David, sculpted by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1501. It is one of his two greatest priceless masterpieces. An Italian sculptor and paitner – one of the greatest the world has ever produced. The statue is set on the hilltop of Firenze (Florence), Italy overlooking the city.

Full size replicas of the statue around the world are found in:

> London’s Victoria and Albert Museum,
A centerpiece of a shopping mall is Surfer’s Paradise.
> Queensland, Brisbane, Australia,
> The Appian Way Shops at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas,
> And our beloved DAVAO CITY is listed in the internet as one of the prestigious places.

We we’re laughing at the baywalk because we took several photos that resulted unlikeable poses with David above. Looks awkward so only few photos were saved haha.

The metro experience that day was full of fun! The taxi drivers are all friendly, we practiced Filipino language because most of them are speaking tagalog. We are not tricked even once, it feels safe to be in Davao City. Roads are wide and would you believe that the people you talk for directions would always answer with a smile? They are the coolest people I know. I guess that’s what I like most about the place.

No dull moment in general! Go here to see the first part of the trip.

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