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I read about Pearl Farm Beach  Resort when I was in high school. Since then, it was one of the destinations I want to visit inside the country. So when the chance is close enough, we grab it without second thoughts.

Originally the plan was to stay overnight at Pearl Farm but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we opt to book for a ‘day tour’ package in the resort. Day tour includes a boat travel from the main Davao (Marina) to Pearl farm beach (back and forth), a buffet lunch and of course unlimited fun in the beach and pool until 5 in the afternoon. For bookings and info, go to this link.

Manila Office
Ground Floor ANFLOCOR Building, 411 Quirino Avenue corner
NAIA Road, Tambo Parañaque City 1700
Trunk Line: (02) 855-2741 local 207 & 208
Direct Line : (02) 854-7892
Tele Fax #: (02) 854-5599
Email: mnl.reservations@pearlfarmresort.com

Davao Sales Office
3F Abreeza Ayala Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Tel #: (63 82) 285-0601, 285-0876
Fax #: (63 82) 285-1914
Email: kadizon@anflocor.com

Early at 7am we traveled to Pearl Farm office (Marina, Davao City) where we will ride a boat to reach Pearl Farm Resort in Samal. And because we are a bit early, we made use of the place for pictorials. I made a collage of the photos because I’m worried it would take much time and space if I put them here one by one:

If you notice there’s a cute pool in their office. Abby and Missy acting in front of the camera, poor me I didn’t study photography yet so some photos are blah! There on the right side, I was guarding our baggage. Then the lovers strike a pose again under the shade. And look at the green fields and the sea (right lower corner). Haayy what a splendid thing to behold. We had fun for an hour at their office. Then the boat was calling our attention, so off we go.

As we are approaching the boat, Abby took an epic photo:

We would never forget to click the camera while on the boat. Great scenery is welcoming us:

That huge rock with slides is called the Wishing Island. Very magnificent ayt? After seeing that islet, the view of Pearl Farm Beach Resort is getting near. The suites specifically:

The most awaited moment is here! We are to step the Island of Samal. The staff welcomed us with drinks, orientation and oriental music.

After the orientation we look for our own place. We chose beside the pool so we can plunge in easily. Brace yourself for the series of photos beside the pool, because we are vain :-P

After awhile we relocated to the sand where the real fun is waiting! Nature is still the best. We did snorkeling because there are school of fish near the seashore and starfish too!

I’ll cut this entry shorter because you might be puking with my pictures. There are thousands of photos and I don’t know how to filter, so let’s jump to the feast at Maranao Restaurant.

I’m drooling right now looking at these photos, I wish I could go back to have a lunch. If you notice, the desserts are so enticing and lovely arranged. One piece of each one is enough for the whole group, really it makes you full in just one bite.

The main entree are cooked with delight. We had a sumptuous lunch and concluded that we paid the right price.

Go get whatever size you want hehe.

Our foods on the table, first batch of foods. The seafoods are awesome, the crabs, shrimp, inked squid, fish.. you name it they have it.

Oppss pose first…

The coconut juice offered a huge refreshment! After I finished 1 whole I asked the part of Abby lol :D

Okay now our tummy is full, it’s time to satisfy our eye with the scenery and do some jiggy jiggy. We pass by to the Pear farm beach suites going to the left side of the beach where a pool is awaiting for our arrival hehe.

The huge rock is such an attraction in the middle of the beach

yey! I’m finally here :)

Ahh life gets better when we pause for awhile and appreciate the beauty around us. Hope this vacation is longer…

Bryan is having the time of his life and doing what he loves most—— swimming! Show me your butterfly skills babeh.

Abby making a call under one of the shades.

Haayy time flies so fast, I hurried them so we can go to the other part of the resort. We went on the opposite side (right part) where a view of the sea can be seen from the mountain. While walking we marvel at this man-made water falls. There’s also a hammock near the falls (won’t post more pics as this is getting crowded)

I climbed the hill as fast as a lion excited for the revelation up on the hill. My heart was pumping fast after running and dropped my jaw after seeing the splendid scene! I’ve never seen such beauty like this in my 24 years of existence. I may act exaggeratedly but can you blame me? Can’t help but appreciate it. I even asked God why does it has to be so beautiful. It’s like I’ve seen this in my dream painting. I almost cried for such beauty :( I found an inner peace just being there.

See my happy face right there? Thanks God for bringing me here :)

Traditional couple shoot

Together with my wonderful friends, Abby and Missy.

Our Davao trip would not be much fun if we haven’t gone to Samal Island Pearl Farm Beach resort. This is one of the best trips ever, fantastic friends plus fantastic island! Waahh I got loads of crazy happiness. I thanks God for the experience. You too consider Pearl farm as your next get-away trip. They offer water sports activities like jetski, banana boat, island hopping and others. But we haven’t tried these things as we don’t have much time.

After these pics, the rain was starting to fall. We ran to our place and started to pack as it’s already 4 in the afternoon. hmm time to leave the island :( but I’m not going to be sad as I enjoyed my stay. It was a fun-filled day with friends.

Again, my photos would not fit in here so I’m leaving you a collage of solo pics. Hope you enjoyed my not so long entry hehe.

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