Davao City First Part – Jack’s Ridge, Crocodile Park, Gap Farm, HillTop and GMall

OMG! I can’t believe I’m beginning to blog our Davao City vacation last January 29 to Feb 2 hehe. We arrived at Davao City early evening (January 28) and checked in at Myhotel. It’s a new hotel in town that is quite affordable to tourists who wanted a cool and classy type of a roof to stay. When Kai saw us she said it looks like we’re going to stay for months in Davao haha. Can’t blame her when she set her eyes at Abby’s luggage. I introduced my friends to each other since they meet only for the first time.  While on the road I already plan to have dinner at Jack’s Ridge Restaurant (yeah the CDO group thought I’m the leader and itinerary planner), since it’s the first night I want it to be romantic and warm for my friends and my boyfriend. Kai also brought her special friend Dimple so the group became larger,  louder, and livelier :) (Oppss something is wrong with the camera date, nevermind that one hehe)

Jack’s Ridge


The first timers (us) dropped our jaw at the romantic place. It feels good to be at a new place with dim lights and on top of a hill. Imagine that (hayy I wanna be back there). Abby and I took shots at the entrance. We never stopped picture taking until we were called by others, as always we were the last persons to find our seats. We placed our orders. While waiting we had photo session again and walked around the place. Abby is with a Japanese soldier sculpture.

We laughed, we were teary eyed. oh those fun times!

Missy braved to handle a large centipede she found in the place. While everyone avoid it, she would run towards us with that scary creature.

Bryan took a photo of me and BFF Abby, it’s a blisss!

We realized it’s time to go back to our table and the foods are there already. Yahoo time for a feast! The foods are awesome with very entertaining staff.


Some musicians were present in the restaurant. I said to Bryan that we invite them to the table. Kai said go! So there, they start serenading us. Everyone had fun listening to their instruments. Very lovely!

Me and Abby on a swing, feeling like a child.

 Kai and Dimple

Crocodile Park

The next morning, we get up early to face the sunshine in Davao. Kai fetched us with their private vehicle to go to our first stop – Crocodile Park in Riverfront, Diversion road, Maa.

Their entrance fee as follows:
                           Adult                –            Php 150.00
                           Kid(2-12yr.old)  –             Php 75.00

We are happy to see our lost brothers and sisters haha lol.

The couple had the time of their lives caressing the phyton and enjoying each others company.

We also made it to the Butterfly House. The entrance is free once you have paid for crocodile park. It’s a 3 gatepass entry. What is so special in the place is that the insects will land on your skin :)

(Me as adopted sister)

Take a look!  A butterfly just landed in my hand.

Gap Farm


The next stop is the Gap Farm Ma-a, this is what I missed when we visit Davao last time. I don’t want to miss it again so I put it in my list of ‘to visits’. We strolled, we took advantage of the sculptured animals, we laugh, we had fun! The most exciting part is when we went inside the cave where the early soldiers would hide during Japanese occupation.

I wonder why there’s only one eye of the giant man inside the cave. Kai said it’s part of the legend. I see now.

I was the one who entered the cave first and it created a chill on me haha when I saw a Japanese image there acting like he was selling tickets.

More legend creatures at the upper side when we climb up the stairs. Such a beautiful place for nature lovers out there! But don’t forget to bring umbrella hehe.


HillTop Restaurant

We ran hurriedly after the tour because we realize that the sun is facing straight under us. Time for a perfect lunch yey! Where to go? I said Dencio would be a good place. I tried their foods year 2010 and the flavor never left my tongue pallet. So off we go, but Dencio is not there anymore! Bohoo but there is still a restaurant there called HillTop. Not bad after all eii! From the restaurant you can have a glimpse of the busy city below. Refreshing air and the warmth touch of the sun, so good to be with nature.


It’s one of the best restaurants I have visited! Scrumptious Filipino dish we have gulped in just few minutes haha:

They are not pretty expensive too so it’s all worth it though it’s miles from the central City. Their address is Shrine Hill, Matina, Davao City. Kai and her cousin cracked jokes after we filled our stomach, we filled the air with laughter:

We headed back to our hotel to have 1hr rest, we had lonnnnnnnnnnggg chitchat with the group but I dozed off for few minutes.



After Abby completed her teaching session online, we are back on the roads again. At Gaisano mall, we choose to have a simple dinner. We just ordered toro-toro (because everybody can’t decide where to eat). We headed to a place where everyone can choose what they want.

Best friend indeed in mouth zipped haha (while Kai photobombing haha)

It’s been a longgg day on our first day. We went back to our hotel and felt excited for a new adventure tomorrow – shopping! Lol. Be on the look out for my second day tour post :)

Leaving you a quirky group picture…

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