Dahilayan Zipline

Before the group ride the atv in dahilayan, we fly and shout first with ziplining. I together with friends arrived at dahilayan adventure park at 7:30 am and we are in the second batch for the line up of zipline. We make use of the time while waiting for our turn and visited their park. Park’s animals are not moving, posing with them is not a problem. The place is cold as pine trees are covering the whole park giving shed and a winter feeling.

dahilayan adventure park


dahilayan restaurant

dahilayan restaurant

They also have a huge playground for kids and and the young at hearts like me :) Take note that they are developing more and more entertainment avenues for the visitors. Workers were busy improving the park.

The nervous part is here, after having some fun in the park we faced the greatest challenge and that is ziplining. We got our harness with us and now ready for a nerve wracking experience.

Hey, it can’t be denied that I look pale in this photo. Really nervous, and I  chose to ride first in the group so the nervous would not creep in and be longer.The operator asked me before the take off ‘are you okay ma’am? You look so pale. I laughed at him and said no please don’t teased me, he even said he’s afraid too haha. When he let go of us, he said not to forget to smile. So I show off the complete set of my tooth in the following photos. The view is green and when you’re in the air, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the view and feel how your body moves.


dahilayan zipline

After this first line, every individual will pass to a shorter zipline. And then ride a jeepney going to the launch tower of the longest zipline in Asia.

When the operator released us, I shouted for awhile. When you are in the middle, you are on your own and there’s nothing you can do but relax and enjoy the view. Don’t even think of moving your feet. I told myself ‘oh so this is how to fly, the superman thingy’ . No I don’t want to be superman or darna because flying is a one hell of a scare activity. I remember when I was a kid, I dreamed of flying with Alladin in his carpet but now? waahh thinking hard twice.

Dahilayan zipline

Dahilayan zipline

My friends were not satisfied with zipline and very interested with the zorb. I thought to just go with what they want, just to be ‘in’ in the group. That was all, participated with the group’s plans.

As always Bryan and I were the first pair to roll up our body in this large ball. Was not really thinking or expecting the impact it would made to my body but when the ball falls in the hill, that was also the start when I fear for my life. As if my heart skipped a beat and I can’t barely breath. I gasped for life and Bryan laughed at me while we were inside. His alibi to suppress his fears. That was the worst 22 second ride I experienced. I promised not to ride nor touch it. When my friends get out from it, we all had the same words – we’ll never do it again! Wooahh!

Dahilayan Zorb

That was us inside the ball. It was estimated to roll for 22 seconds only but it seems to last forever to me. I was praying for it to stop and I was worrying that maybe we are rolling in the wrong hill. Thanks God, it did stop. I was full of relief when I hear the staff’s voice to get us out. I went out quickly and catch my breath.

We had our lunch at the cowboy’s grill after that, we had one topic while eating. The intense zorbit!

Group pictures:

Photo credits: coy photography

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