Riding ATV on a Bumpy Road in Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan ATV

I had this desire to ride an atv before and when I saw pictures of a person riding it my excitement become more intense. We had a trip to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon last Saturday and gone with the rides they are offering from ziplining to zorb and to atv (all terrain vehicle). The payment for atv ride for each person is P400 but you get to enjoy it while on the road overcoming the high steep, the muddy part, the huge stones and the fear that you might fall from the hill (lol).

Riding ATV Bukidnon

During the first part of the ride, I am the last person of the group (backed up with Bryan), just a proof that I’m sloppy (and so noob not to mention) with dealing with rides. I don’t have any idea with being a driver myself. But don’t you worry, the staff will give orientation on how to go about the atv. Don’t let go of the break and the accelerator. Plus a guide will of course follow through out the whole session. I always call the attention of ‘kuya the guide’ cause I was stucked on the side of the road and I can’t continue riding so he have to move it for me. My other friends are waiting for me at the lower road wondering what happened to me. lol! One more road to go and I kinda like to get oriented with the vehicle.


Okay this is how to ride it, you go left or you go right, you avoid the holes and don’t be afraid to press the accelerator harder when you find it hard to climb. Back it up with the break.  My friends told me to go first together with Bryan so I am leading now. I was hesitant at first because I might not do it right and spoil the ride but they pushed me through so okay, go for it.

I AM ENJOYING IT! Wow this is amazing plus the nod of friends told me, ‘you’re doing great’. Bryan even teased me that I’m acting like know-it-all driver because he can’t see me anymore on the road, caught myself riding ahead of the group and when I looked back I can’t see them so I waited for a while. I like the experience, my friends wished that the road is longer and it should be ‘ride-all-you-can’.

atv bukidnon

How good is that? When going to Dahilayan Adventure Park, don’t miss riding the ATV. It adds excitement and will forever be carved in your memory. And a reminder, ride with many friends. It will surely be a lot of fun when spent with happy and adventurous people.(More pictures on my facebook account)

atv dahilayan

atv dahilayan

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