Cranberry Juice and Yogurt for UTI

I’ve read from various resources that cranberries and yogurt or yakult are good for those suffering in UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). A doctor once warned me that I’m developing UTI last year so I must consider treating myself before it could get worst. Now I’m pampering myself with three yummy goodies, I feel so refreshed and alive savoring them. I can’t have a week without tasting them, they’ve become my company since then and it makes me feel good.

Cranberry Juices

Cranberry Juices

Cranberries contain an
antibacterial agent called hippuric acid which acidifies the urine.
Combined with other compounds it reduces the ability of E-coli bacteria
to stick to the walls of the bladder. It simply mixes with the urine
and is washed away. Since E-coli are responsible for up to 90% of
urinary tract infections, the protection provided by cranberry juice is
quite significant. Drinking one glass of cranberry juice every day can
reduce the risk of infections and prevents cystitis.

yoyo frozen yogurt

yoyo frozen yogurt

This one I can’t get enough of. Yoyo yogurt that recently opened in Robinsons Mall. Love every spoon of it (drooling again!)

Since one recent study found that antibiotics may increase the risk of breast cancer, finding ways to minimize antibiotic usage while protecting the kidneys and stopping infections might be important.  Fortunately, the use of yogurt and, especially cranberry juice or tablets on a regular basis can markedly reduce the risk of infection for most patients. –

Yogurt: Juice, Cheese Reduce Recurrences: women who drank at least one daily glass of fresh juice–either freshly squeezed or from concentrate, with no additional sweeteners–were 34% less likely to have experienced a recent UTI. Juices made from berries was best. Women who reported eating milk products that contain helpful microbes known as probiotic bacteria–such as yogurt and cheese–at least three times each week were almost 80% less likely to have recently developed a UTI than women who ate similar foods less than once per week. 139 women who had developed a UTI within two weeks prior, vs 185 women who had not experienced UTIs within the past five years. Study participants’ average age was 30. Kontiokari, Finland, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2003;77:600-604. –

This one created a sour face in me, can’t understand the taste but take it anyway. Important is its healthy.

Okay girls set aside a budget for these kind of foods, don’t indulge to bad softdrinks and unhealthy activities. (Speaking like a pro haha)

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