Entertainer of the Year 2012 : Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been a big part of my life since I entered my adolescent stage. I can really relate to her song and idolizes her for staying true and genuine both on-cam and off-cam. And for this moment I just want to congratulate Taylor Swift for winning the Entertainer of the year Award 2012 for the second time around.

She’s stunning, Isn’t she?. I just love Taylor’s dress and of course Taylor Swift herself.

This up-close photo of Taylor Swift reveals her natural-barbie-doll-look. So gorgeous!

And finally. Congratulations Taylor Swift. You are well deserve of the award. Keep on spreading love and inspiration. Swifties like me ¬†won’t get tired of supporting you. More Power to you Tay.

Photos taken during the 47th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards.

Here’s the video. I’m so amazed how Taylor Swift gave Kevin Mcguire a shoutout. I just love how Taylor respect her fellow nominees. Don’t mention it Taylor you knew you’re always Welcome.

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