Cinema Paradiso

I cannot forget how the movie ‘Cinema Paradiso’ left a remarkable influence in my life.Since the day I got to watched it, I become so delighted about its story and its protagonist and the love of his love. The movie opened up my mind and wondered if true love does really exist.The movie exemplifies about the necessity to let go of the past.The protagonist wouldn’t know how to let go. He is unfortunately trapped from the past.Even though he became so wealthy and all his material needs are meet,sadness can be glimpse at his face. Almost all pretty women would run after him but this does not satisfies him.After learning that his first love is married to his bestfriend, he soon realized that he need to get a life and start a new one.It’s true that first love is hard to forget and it’s impossible to forget them either but it’s crazy to wait and expect for the old flame to come back. We need to get up from our feet so we can recover and be whole again. Back to the movie, I suggest you watch it, it will really move you. It is a 1988 film and it centers about love, friendship, family, art (making of movies). It won an Oscar Award of Best Foreign Language Film, Best Film,Best Music, Actor of the Year on 1991 and
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