Chub’s Diner Now Open

Some cdobloggers were invited to the opening of the Chub’s Diner located along Corrales Ave. across Xavier University gym. The invitation said we will have burgers for a free taste. I was delighted to hear the invite because I love burgers! On the table is my choice – Chub’s burger. The juice is intact inside the tender beef so when you bite you can feel the burst of juices. I also like the pastry since it is still fresh considering that its already evening when we got there.

Grabbed from

Bryan had their tender bangus belly all day breakfast. Warning! Their servings are HUGE so you better go there with empty stomach.

My fellow blogger had the Sweet spicy Dilis (small fish) all day breakfast. I guess this one is everybody’s fave! It’s crunchy with nicely done egg on the bottom of the plate.

Another serving:

Our plates come with giant milkshakes I enjoyed sipping while chit chatting :D. The drinks remind me of a baby milk formula, I think that made it extra special. No, I won’t forget the creamy taste, yum!

Well to express my satisfaction, here’s my smiling face indulging the latest food servings in the town! Not so lucky because we missed the fries (it’s sold out on the opening day). Will surely be back to try that fries, be ready teehee!

The restaurant is the right place for those who have big appetite. Or if you want to pour out your depression on food, this is the place to go! :P

CDobloggers in their very busy mode…

chub's diner

Now with the chef before we left Chub’s, everybody went home with a big smile and tummy!

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