Cherry Mobile Cruize short review

I’m still in awe after finding out that Cherry Mobile Cruize can accommodate blogging!!! Cruize is cheaper compared to other mobile devices yet it can proudly compete with the high end units like Samsung or iPhone. Oh well, yes I’m writing from Cruize. I’m happy with my purchase, it’s more than worth from actual payment. Now I can enjoy installing and using phone apps through Android. Cruize is an ice cream sandwich type Android phone with 8mp camera. its almost 11pm now, and I feel groggy but Cruize keep me this awake because it has so much to offer. Very responsive to touch, can type easily, and it’s fast even though it is only single core. I think the reason why it’s cheaper than other Cherry mobile units because of the core. I like that it’s 5.2 wide, now I can read ebooks if I can’t fall asleep at night. Cruize can easily connect to Wi-Fi, good audio. Everything seems polished. Navigation of features are pretty convenient. What a legit proof of high class mobile but cheap in price. You guys from the Philippines should check out Cherry mobile Cruize, bloggers who are on low budget try this. I didn’t regret buying this for only P4495. Yes you read it right! I hope to write Cherry mobile Cruize review next time so please check it out. By the way Cruize just released last January 2013 so really new in the market.

Cruize is pretty big so it is awkward to carry at first and obviously you can’t fit it in your jean’s pocket. As for me I put it in my bag. It feels sturdy. Not slippery to hold and when you try to get it out of bag or transfer.

The camera is quite decent, I have yet to discover how to turn off the camera sound when you capture image. Not beautiful to the ears. The camera has delay when capturing but it’s okay for me. I think about 4seconds to process. Don’t ever move when capturing to avoid blurriness. You can edit photos though with many options. Filters are great, photo junky will be happy to use try this. Has sepia, and other effects plus Red eye correction and other stuff.


Bye for now! I left you a sample photo captured by Cruize. No edits.

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