Center Fruit -Chewing gum

I was very overwhelmed when I first tasted this Center Fruit- Chewing Gum. A various of Promo Girls who visited our school yesterday handed me a couple of it. The fruit-syrup beneath will help you to conclude “Oh! its just another fruity-candy.” But its not, its a another way around! It has this twist. Though it really looked like a simple candy still expect the unexpected. Just like me, i thought its just another sweet candy or something. I just ignore to read its label and just ate. I was  in cloud 9 in that moment and i cant help myself to chew faster and even faster. Its that Yummy! I Swear.

I salute that brilliant mind/s who formulated this amazing product. And today, I found myself inside a grocery store hoping maybe, can i get some and pay. But unfortunately, Center Fruit -Chewing gum is not yet out of the market. As soon as it is out. I really recommend you to purchase some.



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