Cebu White Sands Resort

During my visit in Cebu, I and my bff’s family had a relaxing short vacation at Cebu White Sands in Maribago, Mactan Island. We enjoyed their functional pools at night and watched traditional dance performance. I’m not really sure if the show is performed every night or its just occasional.

We checked-in to the room which has as usual tv, aircon, fridge, shower and tub (which I used for the first time lol).  There’s also a free wi-fi in the resort but its only available at the lobby (not able to reach in your room).

When you go out from your room you are welcomed with Japanese Koi that are huge in sizes. The oldest Koi’s age range from 10 yrs to 12 yrs so I guess this is one of the attractions of Cebu White Sands Resort (where do you see koi at that age?).

They also have spa amenities to help you relax your mind (optional). They also serves free breakfast if you checked in, you can get any size of food you want as the foods are just displayed on large tables.

For nature trippin’, dipped into the white sands beside the seashore. There are water sports activities awaits you once you go near the shore. Many locals will call and offer you island hopping, jetski, parasailing, snorkeling but we never had the chance to do any of these as we run out of time.

Around the resort are few chairs with unique designs. So what we did was hopped in and took pictures.

I and bessy had one of the best bonding moments of our life. We chitchat ’till midnight until we doze off to bed as we’re pretty exhausted from swimming. We did things we enjoy both like picture taking, bathing and of course she pampered me with facial scrub. Thanks bessy dear, you’re really one of my BFFs!

Experience the good life at Cebu White Sands Resort.

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