Canon eos 1100d Pictures

I’ve been borrowing the Canon 1100D from my boyfriend for 2 reasons. I can use it often than him, it would just sit in in a corner at his room and might become a spider house only if not used lol. And because I am a photography enthusiast and an artist as well (ehem haha).

Today I am showing you Canon eos 1100d pictures captured by yours truly. I was reading an e-book titled How To Take Great Photos by Rockable. I got loads of useful tips in portrait photograph there. The book helped me in fighting my fear in adjusting the camera setting and encouraged me to explore in taking photos (not snaps) like using the right light, made use of dramatic sunset and sunrise. I would advise you to read the ebook too if you are a beginner like me.

Back to the Canon eos 1100d, it was purchased last January. Some user immediately noticed that it has big face which is not so aesthetic to see and not proportionally correct with the lens. Lens is obviously larger than the body which makes the lens heavier to carry. Also some said it has plasticity feeling and I agree. But whatever, the important thing is the carpenter not the hammer hehe. I’m happy with the camera so I won’t care much about negative feedbacks.

We unboxed canon eos 1100d here in the photos:

canon eos 1100d

unboxing canon eos 1100d

As you can see, lens is large almost covering the user. Some said that the flash is annoying because it pops up but so far so good to me.

canon eos 1100d

canon eos 1100d

Now I’m revealing my sample photos taken by canon eos 1100d.

I just need to remove 2 pimples from her face.

All photos above are straight out of the camera (SOTC) except from the one I removed pimples. So there, hope this helps you decide what camera to buy :) Take note I’m only a newbie so might as well you can take photos better than me if you just have that artistry factor. Goodluck!

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