Buffalo Grill Restaurant

buffalo grill

buffalo grill


I was looking for a soup to sip that time when we were guided by our path to Buffalo Grill Restaurant. Good thing we arrived at the right place. Chicken tinola is soothing to the tummy at this cold weather:


I know that this bowl is not aesthetically arranged that’s why it doesn’t look so tempting but mind you this taste so good. Pair it with seafood negra fried rice and boom! you have a perfect combi to fill your stomach. ( I hope you don’t mind the food’s name as racist). The color is quite odd but you’ll soon forget what color it has as you savor it. Rice has tiny strips of soft squids and shrimps. It attained a black color because its sauce is from the real squid ink.

I don’t know if other restaurants in CDO offers rice recipe like this, it’s a must try!

The resto is located at Velez in front of Vicente de Lara Park near the Provincial Capitol Building.  I cross the road and took a picture of the statue of the park.

Random pics while waiting for our food:


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