Bringing Back the Sweet Memories

People come and go in our lives and some leaves footprints in our heart. I consider Tin-tin as one of those.We part ways during my second year of stay in Iligan city when she went to Ilo-ilo to face a more challenging role and responsibilities as a granddaughter and the eldest sister as well. She faced this tough decision of hers with strength. She left her friends and relatives in Iligan to be with her siblings. And then that’s the time that we started to lose communication. It is only few times that we texted and chat.

I get excited when she told me she’ll be coming to Cagayan before going back to Ilo-ilo, she spent her Christmas in Maranding and that made her decide to drop here and see me for a while. (I invited her also to come along)

I can say that she has really grown up, we usually call her as baby Tinz for she’s the youngest member of the ‘barkadas’ we built at our old boarding house. She called the other members as momcy (that’s me), mamie, and mama.

We were so young and lively then, our troubles were just our subjects and allowance. We were carefree and enjoyed most out of life because we had a deep and great friendship. We shared almost everything from foods to rice cooker to bed to deepest secrets.We learned so much from each other and cared for each other too. We do activities that we both enjoy like waking up early to have jogging sessions but end up eating 3 cups of rice after being exhausted from the activity, riding the famous ‘kalesa’, visiting the ‘Mugna’ during Iligan’s Fiesta, sharing everyday’s stories whether how good or bad it was. We have seen each other cried in front of each other. How sweet it is to look back at those memories. Though they are part of the past, they hold so dearly in my heart.

It is obvious that we missed each other a lot. So we took many pics and recollect many things about the past, looking back at those memories made us smile, the crazy things we did and here we made some crazy pics too. I wonder when we’ll going to meet again. Hope it’s going to be soon.





We can’t make people stay forever on our side, they have to go for they have their own lives. But one thing is true, we’ll remember them in our prayers.

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