Bring your Toys to College

That is what Woody typed in in this video:

What did you brought with you when you moved out for college? The stuffs I packed were letters, notes,books, memorable presents from friends but I can’t barely remember a toy. Maybe a small stuff toy.

toy story

While I was watching Toy story 3, the memory of preparation for college became vivid. Of how exciting that could be when you go to an unfamiliar place and meet new friends. But when you are already on the bus, you can’t help but be teary eyed because you know you are leaving your loved ones in your home town.

Things I like about Toy story 3

1. Loyalty and friendship. The whole gang of the movie applies this ‘no one get’s left behind’
2. Letting go. It’s hard to let go of some things when we know that they have been an important part of our lives,
Andy, the owner of the toys took the courage to let these toys go.
3. Charity. Give others a chance to be happy by sharing to them of what we have
4. Love and Care. The gang loves each other and care a lot about their friends too :) I’m happy I have friends like them.

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