Bigby’s Restaurant and Missy Bon Bon’s Exciting News

Hey guys, I bet you are already aware of the opening of Centrio’s Ayala Mall in Cagayan de Oro City this coming Nov 9, 2012! I can sense the excitement in your head :) To add the thrill, our 2 favorite food chain is offering something to its consumers for their branch opening at Centrio. Brace yourself for this exciting news!

Come home to Bigby’s – This is the latest tagline of Bigby’s cafe and Restaurant, wondered why? Because we will be welcomed with a homey interior and ambiance where they will offer sala sets (like in a house) and other stuff in their new branch at the Centrio mall so we better watch out for that. What’s more interesting is they will give Go Lite Rack-a-bye-baby ribs to the first 100 who will win in their investigative test entitled ‘Who ate my ribs’. Join this contest to win this tasty ribs on the opening in Centrio Ayala by following the story in their fb page. Get ideas and follow the mystery there! But first see the slideshow below.

As for Missy Bon bon, the home of gelato goodies, is also offering a challenge yet wonderful experience because of the prices you can win. Missy bon bon lovers and gelato funk here is your chance to get a one year supply of gelato (*drooling*). Run and become the first customer of Missy Bon Bon on the opening on Nov 9 at Centrio Ayala. Yes, that simple hehe. Make a plan starting now to become the first one. Don’t worry if you become the second customer you will get a 6 month supply of gelato ( I know you’re thinking already how to win) The 3rd one will get 1 month supply of gelato, awww great deal!


So on Nov. 9, you already know where to go :)

On the launching of these promos, CDObloggers enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant last October 12, 2012. I’ve always been a fan of Bigby’s and Missy Bon Bon, I’ve blogged them before so when there’s an invite from Bigby’s I needed not to think twice, I joined.

Here’s the happening and the announcement during the promo launching at Bigby’s cafe and restaurant Limketkai. Fed with food and laughter I had a great time. The baby back ribs haven’t lost the rich flavor through the years teehee. Our 4th plate of baby back ribs on the table, that is how big our appetite was:

We also had these mouthwatering dishes:

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake (for our dessert). Yeah I break rules, I ate cakes again. I was tempted :)

Midnight Dream cake (2nd dessert)

Quesadillas This one is filled with yummy cheese, I can’t get enough.

Super Duper Spaghetti!

Yay I got me a gift certificate! Excited to use this for my next visit. Thank you Bigby’s :)

Random pictures below during the event.

CDObloggers with Bigby’s President

With my date

Don’t forget to mark your calendar. Join now!

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