Belated Happy Birthday Benedict

Irene’s nephew Benedict, celebrated his 4th birthday last January 4. We arrived late during the party and became the last guest to greet him. Bryan and Benedict had the best time playing and bonding and I had a great time talking and asking ‘how are you’s with Irene. Irene and I rarely see each other because our schedules would not meet, she’s busy continuing her studies in Mindanao University of Science and Technology and I am busy making a living. So this meeting up of ours is rewarding, you know how you feel after seeing a best friend after quite a long time? Somehow the feeling of absence freed.


Here’s Benedict, the celebrator striking a pose. Happy birthday Benedict!

Our visit was short but just seeing them okay and happy is enough for me. I am glad that Irene’s family is doing great. I’m overjoyed to know such welcoming family.Bryan and I even became godfather and godmother of Benedict’s little sister. :-)

Thank you so much Irene for being such a kind friend, you never failed to be one.

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