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Last month I find time to scribble again. And finally yesterday since its brownout I took the courage to finally finish the piece I put aside in the table for a month. I draw Bryan, I planned to give it to him for a anniversary present but since it wasn’t finished earlier and been very much delayed I will give it na lang this May.  First thing I’ve done is sketch the face using pencil, next is draw the major parts of the face, I choose eyes above all.



Here are some of the materials used in charcoal painting includes of course charcoal pencil, pencil for sketching, charcoal powder, eraser to give highlights, and brushes to blend the color. Above pic is not yet finished, notice the lips are so black. I erased some part of it to achieve a more natural look.


My signature affixed in the picture.

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  1. emily says:

    Yani!! Love the pic..whehehe…na.a jd u talent ai..I could never draw anything better than stick people!I’m sure Bryan will love it:D

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