Just arrived home after watching the much awaited sci fi movie Avatar. At first I was skeptical to spend 2 hours just to watch it but I’ve heard enough reviews and feedbacks that it’s a must see movie so I made up my mind to go for it and I’m not mistaken, ‘twas the best sci fi movie I’ve ever seen on screen. Your money would not go to waste. If you want some tearing up with your heart, go watch it. I was teary eyed seeing actions and emotions torn apart portrayed by characters who played best in their roles. This one would leave such a remarkable and huge message. It’s not only action packed but a heartwarming movie too, giving you the idea to take care of what we have. It awakened a nature lover out of me while watching those culprits destroying Pandora. In conclusion, I highly recommend Avatar to all. :D

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  1. Theola Mathieu says:

    Thruout the film, I was momentarily jarred by most of the same things that have been mentioned here, but for the most part, I forgot them as my enjoyment progressed. Even the over zealous depiction of commercialism or the over controlling were accepted as being a important section of the film.But there one small thing that (oddly enough, I guess) irked me. There was no way to go back and view it after, but I’m pretty sure that when the Colonel was killed, he took his hands off the robot controls, trying to remove the arrow/bolt. Yet, with the Colonel’s death, the robot TOPPLED OVER! I would have expected such a machine just to simply stop moving and stand there.

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