August Blast

It’s been a long while that I haven’t updated this blog. I’ve been busy this month enjoying myself with the twice travel I made to Davao City and a cruise going to Bohol. I’m considering this month as the best month of the year not only because it’s my birthday month but because many of my dreams did come true during the month of August. It was fulfilling and I can say that I truly live the best life. Though simple as it was, small dreams that came true are priceless.

My First travel to Davao City happened last Aug 6, 2010 together with my office buddies that include Bryan. I availed a 3 day vacation leave that left me worry-free during our stay there. And on my birthday I spent the day with my family in Gingoog City.

To summarize the eventful day in Davao, I will list here the place I have visited and dreamed once:

1. Samal Island – Don’t missed the island hopping and scuba diving experience in Samal Island.
2. Crocodile Park – See how crocodiles grow in this park, touch them and have a taste of their meat. There are wild and extinct animals living in the park too. You will enjoy the place and understand nature more.
3. Dencio Restaurant – Don’t forget to treat yourself at the place. They serve delectable meat and rice. The whole gang agreed that the foods really taste good!
4. Malling – Step in the G-mall, NCCC mall and SM Davao. They have huge spaces for shopping.
5. Food tripping – Visit some small food cart in malls. I tried some yogurt and pizza there.

Later this month I visited Davao City again for business purposes. But fun can never be out of place despite of works. Other places I got to see:

1. People’s Park – Marvelous structures will entertain its visitors. It is perfect for bonding and doing some exercise both for family and friends.
2. Ranchero Grill Restaurant – They served well respectable dining experience. Place has good ambiance and a playground stood at the side which attracts us while waiting for the foods to be served.
3. Lachi’s – Sweet goodies are available here. If you have a sweet tooth, bring with you some items from here.

The second’s visit highlights our meeting with the other team members in Davao office. It’s such a wonderful time to finally see and meet them. Though visit was short, it’s good enough to talk with them.

I was very happy with the travel I made in Bohol this month. The splendid island, I can’t explain how I feel being there. The rich cultures, the nature, the warm people all adds in a one of a kind experience. I’d like to say that I’m lucky to reach the place, to watch in my very own eyes the beauty of their bountiful nature. No wonder many tourists flock in the province.

1. Chocolate Hills – It’s been one of the seven wonders of the world. You can’t help but be amazed with it’s structures.
2. Tarsier – The smallest primate in the world. They’ve became extinct.
3. Prony – The famous phyton in the Philippines that few artists have visited like Kuya Kim.
4. Man Made Forest – Tall tress standing to give you shade and cool travel just before you reach Chocolate Hills.
5. Loboc river Cruise – Take the romantic cruise in Bohol and taste their cuisine to add to the whole experience.
6. Baclayon Church – Say a prayer in this prehistoric church.
7. Blood Compact Statue – This one is a famous picture of strong men having a compact at the scenic view of a horizon.
8. Balicasag Island Рa  small white island that has pristine waters and green nature wonder. Do snorkeling and boating in the fish sanctuary. Really great place for unwinding.
9. Bohol Tropics Resort – Nice place for food tripping and picture taking during the night. It has lively dancing lights and good oldie music to indulge with.
10. Island City Mall – Shop at this convenient mall at Bohol.
11. Calamay – Who doesn’t know about their specialty? When you say Bohol, Kalamay is associated with it.
12. Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast – We stayed in this cozy place while in Bohol.
13. Loboc Forest Camp – They have house of butterflies and other species of animals.
14. Hanging Bridge РFight your fear over high heights by walking and crossing  the shaky bridge.

I will be writing soon more of each detail of the places above. That include the fiesta in CDO and my birthday.
Keep on posted.

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