Amicos Pizza

amicos pizza

One sunny afternoon, Bryan and I remembered that we passed through a pizza house in J. Gaerlan St. We decided to have a lunch there. Knowing that preparing pizza would take few minutes, we still chose to have it despite the disturbing hunger. It’s 1pm already when we arrive at Amicos, we patiently waited until our hunger has almost eaten us when our order was placed. I could almost feel my tummy ached upon the long wait.

I took the liberty of capturing pictures at the place:



Because I desperately want something to eat while waiting for the pizza, I thought that the fried dilis is a good substitute together with a juice. It’s available at the counter.



There were only the two of us who ordered for pizza and that makes me wonder why the service crew were not quick to serve our orders. Seriously, my appetite blew away when the pizza arrived.  Because the waiting lose my excitement. It took almost one hour until we finally had our lunch.


amicos pizza

Pizza was not bad at all. But the crust tend to separate from its toppings which I kinda don’t like. When we tried to ask for the bill, the wait staff is not that attentive. They are so busy talking at the counter. Where are you supposed to be looking at? The rest of the pizza was taken home.

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  1. pett says:

    nice posts yan. love them. it’s great to read about places with a recommendation from someone that you know cuz i know you give honest comments :)

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