All Flip – Flops (Havaianas) is on SALE

In case you don’t know, All Flip – Flops (Havaianas) is on sale at SM Cagayan de Oro from Oct 24 to Nov 30, 2011. Its such an exciting deal! When you buy one item you get 20% off but when you buy 2 items you get 40% discount so its close to ‘buy one take one’ arrangement.

We went inside the botique without noticing the announcement of sale outside. When I chose one pair, the attendant said the items are all discounted. So we end up purchasing two items to grab the rare sale. One for me and one for Bryan .

Bryan supposedly give this as his monthsary gift for me. He would bring me to mall now and let me chose his gift for me instead of surprising me (except for flowers, of course) hehe.  Good thing its on sale so he got one for him too.

To order havaianas online, go here. Enjoy walking!



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