About Me

Yan, the shortest nickname I have. That name was acquired from the 1980′s famous singer Diana Ross. My mother shortened Diana and made it to Yana as pronounced and eventually came up with Yani for a unique kind of name. (Well, that’s what I know if my memory serves me right).

I was a very timid kind of girl who doesn’t like to mingle with other at my age. One thing I can remember at the age of 5 is that I went home on my own walking from school. Isn’t that an act of valor? Lol! From that memory I can say that I can unleash bravery in me at times when I mostly need it. I guess everyone of us has that kind of attitude.

They say that 5 years of age and below is the most crucial part of growing up of a person. At that age, I can sense how I love art. I love to draw and play with colors! I love to draw on chalkboards, I love to cut papers and arrange them, I love to decorate with flowers. I love to imagine. Until now, these things still excite me.

My family influenced me a lot with my interests. My grandfather used to be the famous sculptor in my hometown and a portrait painter as well. My father is creating furniture with carvings and my other uncles are painting and doing sculpture. So these factors intensify my love with art. Now, photography is part of my hobby.

My secret to happiness is being grateful to all that I have. You try to wake up everyday and thank God you are alive, that alone will create a huge changes in your life. You will start to see things in life differently. You will appreciate everything around you even the smallest things. God is truly amazing!

My personal blog mostly talks about me and my adventures. But most of my posts will interest women as the title say – Women Inspirations. I hope to meet girl friends and that we gather ideas here to help spread awareness to other women.

Comejoin me as I enjoy life!

Care to drop a message? yhan_lei(at)yahoo.com is my email add.

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