A Thousand Words – a Movie to Watch

A man named Jack McCall (Eddie Murphy) is a Literary Agent. He used to create stories and talk a lot of convincing words just to get what he wanted whether business matters or on his daily routines. He over used his capability of saying the right words. One day, he had finally met the person who’ll teach him a lesson, a spiritual guru. Who gave him a thousand words to realize what he actually living for in his life. If he say a word, the consequence is that one leaf will fall from a tree and that means his life is in a big trouble. His life depends on the tree now. What happens to the tree will also happen to him.

Life is about realizing what matters the most in your life. Have time to enjoy silence, say what’s the best thing to say at the moment and always be careful with your words.

You know we are given the freedom to do/say what we wanted and also the freedom to choose.
So please if you have a heart and a conscience, choose to be with the rightful things!

If you love someone show them, don’t be contented of just telling them that you loved them. If someone has given you hurts and pain: then forgive and forget.

Don’t ever wait for something tragic incident come in your way to do these things. Only acceptance and contentment will make you happy here on earth.

Take time to think and rationalize. If life confuses you, turn on your Television and watch this Movie. It’s really an eye opener as well as a short term life tutor. :D

Life is Indeed a True Mystery. Explore yours with a clean heart. :)


I almost tried the best things for my tears not to continue rolling down but i failed.

This is a  must see Movie. Watch it Guys. :D

im currently studying, college freshman to be exact. im totally enjoying every second of my life... yes im a teenager.. id like to drop things when its messy then starts all over again. i believe that everything do happen for a reason and believe's on signs and hoping fairytales do come true... il regret nothing for sure.. by the way im the sister of Yani Lea Briones, the Admin of this blog :)..

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