A Mother is Always A Mother

I’m still in awe right now thinking about this day. How it turned out to be such a blissful day spending it with the person who cares a lot for me. It’s rare that you got to spend a quality time with your mother especially when you are away from home. When she visited me at my apartment, the feeling was totally different and she just proved that she’s always a dear mother to me. I feel special and loved when we are together and I know I’m always part of her prayers.

She checked the things I have at the apartment and comment on it. Clean up the mess, arranged some things jumping from here to there, sweeping the dust, cooked something, and did the laundry, and of course inspected some personal stuff and the questions are long to answer.But I must admit that I love chit-chatting with her, most of the time I confess to her some of my concerns. Well, what does a normal mother do? By those acts alone, she’s really a mother needless to say. I think I’m now sleeping in a descent room.

Back when I was a little kid, mother would always remind me to be thankful in everything in life, to live simply and appreciate what we have. She wanted us to value the things we have, whatever is served on the table we have to eat it whether we like it or not. I was really disciplined, I should know when to go home on time or else I’ll be spanked. But I’m thankful for all the disciplines she had applied to me because it has resulted good in myself. I know how to take pain just for the better. And I know it has reasons. I know why I should eat the sometimes tasteless veggies because its good for my health. I know that I should walked from school to home because I should learn to know some sacrifices. It’s hard to earn a well off life but it’s good to know that you have surpass the things that left you teary eyed. I learned to smile despite the difficulties and challenges because I know God will answer at the right time.  I learned from her the attitude of frugality and save for the future. Most of all she teaches me to know God. I learned how to entrust it all to God. When I have worries, mother would always say ‘just pray’.

I am thankful that everyday I get to sleep with a happy heart because of my mother. Love you mama! If you say that your mother is the best mother in the world, I must say I have one too! No one can replace her role in my life.

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