2011 in a Nutshell

I can’t let the year pass without reviewing it. The year of the rabbit says it will bring me goodluck. True enough the series of events in my life of 2011 went well. Life was wonderful, it was smooth though sometimes I get stressed during the early months due to work (I have 3 bosses at the time :) ) I can say I handled my finances well. My lovelife though still adjusting because we have a totally different taste has worked out despite the differences.  Family is healthy and my sister is now living with me as she start her college life.


I couldn’t remember anything significant in January except the family gatherings and new place.


Went to visit Iligan City after 3 years. We attended the birthday celebration of Aireen. The travel brought me pride of where I grew personally.


The former company celebrated its 5th year. Attended the retro party! Plus it’s the month that I was fascinated with stuff toys.


Bryan’s blessings of his house ( my weight increases too hehe)


Went to Valencia City to witness the tying of a knot of a friend.  Also invaded the RR spring on our own. “twas a sweet adventure! My sister moved in with me in this month too.

June and July

Company’s Team building galore – Initao and Opol




Decided to resign from the company I worked for 3 years due to some circumstances.  I certainly miss the people where I worked with. The meetings, the activities, the smiles, they all made me a better individual.


Meet my bestfriend in Cebu who just came home from Korea.  We had a blast in resort and malls we hopped in.
Also got the chance to travel Cebu South with my former Supervisor and her hubby.


Spent most of my time in Gingoog now that I work online. I can just bring the computer at home and connect to internet. I can say I have more time with family and friends. But still I have to schedule my time properly.


Bryan brought home the dream gadget from Manila. Wew! (I hope to make a review soon). And would you believe it’s my first time to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Haha silly me! The cup Bryan bought for me is my cup of tea. Hehe


There comes a time that though you are not directly affected by natural calamities yet you feel your heart torn apart. The sufferings of victims are hard to bear. Typhoon Sending left Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City devastated. As a citizen, I helped out on my own little way to show that they are not alone. My boss also gave for the Philippines.

The gifts I received are just few but kept me smiling until now. They are just material things but let you know that you are special to others and that you are in their thoughts during holiday seasons. As usual, gatherings here and there for family and friends can’t be forsaken.

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