UU Hair Extensions: The Answer to a Gorgeous Hair

Every woman has different kinds and types of hair. It can be long, short, straight, wavy, curly, thick or even thin. For some women their hair is very important because it can hugely generally affect their look and if properly maintained, can bring out their hidden beauty.

You might feel like incomplete if you didn’t get your hair done before leaving the house. As many believe,

“You are never fully dressed without great hair.”

Aside from how hair can be valuable to you, it also serves as your mirror. Right? It’s just amazing to know that your hair can simply reveal and tell people about your personality, what mood are you in and how fashionable you can be. It can be a statement you can show to the world. And most of all, it is the answer to cover up hair loss.

UU Hair Extensions- Transforming Your

Moreover, it might sound weird but women know this. There are actually special uses of our hair. Would you agree? It can be your instant fragrant handkerchief, instant blanket (if it’s really that long and thick) and more. Some creative artists recycle our hair collected from beauty parlors transforming it to a magnificent masterpiece like a natural hair extension, hair accessory, dress or even house decorations.

To mention about hair extensions, this is one of the most known benefits everyone may gain from human hair. For people, especially with women who want to extend their hair, good clip in hair extensions is the key they could consider. Aside from lengthening hair, clip in hair extensions are very useful when you want to be playful for some events like parties, cosplay, stage/theatre play. It is the answer to hair loss, use it to cover thin hair.



There are actually famous Hollywood celebrities that use hair extensions during prestigious events, to movie they work on portraying their character and for a change on their looks. To name a few, they are Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Fergie, Rihanna, Hillary Duff, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton and more.

Are you bored with your hair already? Do you want to look differently this season? I recommend UU Hair Extensions. It’s a well-known hair extension online shop which offers an affordable rate and can transform your hair gorgeously. With numerous exquisite sizes, shapes and colors of hair extensions, you’ll really love to take a selfie flaunting it to others and many might be envied with your classy glamorous hair. You will indeed look like a star on it just like the famous celebrities I’ve mentioned above.

Untitled design


“Life is too short to have a boring hair.”

So try it now and see it for yourself!

Be Fabulous with Inexpensive Human Hair Extensions

As many believe, “our hair is our crowning glory”. Our hair can define us of who and what we are. We even look great and appealing just because of it. Our hair has lots of significance in our lives that others might not know. It could surprisingly reflect our emotion, status, gender and personality.


Have you notice most of those heartbroken people? What happened to their long hair? How about those rich people? What have you noticed with their hair style and hair color? How about differentiating men from women? And lastly, how about distinguishing those punk people, weird people and stylish people over normal people? All of those have something to do with their hair right? That’s how our hair could possibly reflect our personality.

If you are stylish and keep up with hair trends, this is the perfect blog post for you!

Knowing the fact that our hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body, what if you’ll encounter a certain problem with your hair that even an expensive shampoo and conditioner couldn’t solve its growth problem? How will you feel?


Well me, personally, I have encountered the same problem before with my hair growth. My hair doesn’t grow as fast like other women. Don’t know why but I was absolutely pissed off with such situation. I admit, I envied those gorgeous ladies, especially my friends with long smooth silky hair. I was just imagining myself to have one but unfortunately, I don’t have.

Good thing, one of my friends helped me out on how to solve my “girly” problem. She recommended me to check some solution over the internet. And through searching online, I suddenly knew what to do with my hair. Thanks to Human Hair Extensions (CC Hairextensions)! I was really relieved and felt so happy. With the various hair extensions they offer in an affordable rate, I was able to try how it feels to have an ideal hair style that I ever wanted. I tried the Inexpensive Clip-In Hair Extensions and it’s really great. No worries, it’s easy to use and such a friendly user hair extension. I love the curls and even the Hair Weave. Every time I went to some parties wearing the said fabulous hair extension or hanging out with my friends, they always appreciate my looks. And that’s because of the hair I have which enhances my appearance.  They told me that there’s something new to me which makes me even beautiful and stunning. How was that? Of course, I felt so satisfied and delighted. Because of it, I told my friends of what’s my secret. Even they are interested to buy hair extensions to look good and have some changes. At this moment, my friends and I are enjoying our dazzling look.  We hang out together with big smiles on our lips.

If you have some “girly” problem like me or you want to purchase an inexpensive hair extension for other purposes, I recommend you to check out their website: http://www.cchairextensions.com/


I guarantee you, they can surely  help you with your hair problem. Have a great hair day!

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san

If you are an avid reader of Women Inspirations you will notice how smitten I am with Japanese stuff. I love Japanese foods, products, some Japanese anime and culture. In our city I’ve explored some Japanese restaurants that makes me feel like I’m in Japan and I simply love the thought of it. I have my camera from Japan too that I’m still using today (wow, that’s solid!)

10291729_10203346468329966_3222861436991640677_n 10306316_10203346199123236_3888103220960949688_n

This activity of mine leads me to discovering another Japanese product that meets the Japanese standards – high quality, kawaii, reliable, and original. Kojie.san is definitely the best kojic acid soap in the Philippines. Did you know that it is the first kojic acid soap that is introduced in the country? There’s no other Japanese soap in the market today that satisfies the customers goal in achieving a great looking and white skin tone.


Do you know what a kojic acid soap is? In History:

Kojic acid was derived from a mushroom in 1989 and has since been used in several skincare and anti-aging products as a natural ingredient for lightening skin pigmentation. Kojic acid soaps are typically made with a combination of natural skin lightening fruit acid and papaya extract that work by softening the skin and creating a luminous, healthy glow.

Now that you’ve read its historical background, I believe you are now convinced that it is naturally derived and a natural antioxidant that prevents the skin from aging. The good thing is, Kojie.san doesn’t have harmful chemicals that can hurt your skin. Some cosmetics today have high toxicity content which could harm our health. Choosing Kojie.san soap in taking care of your skin is a great decision you’ve made for your over-all wellness.

In addition, the papaya enzymes in Kojie.san soaps help to break down the top layer of skin cells and peel away damaged skin, revealing the fresh and healthy cells underneath.

Kojic acid is used by many Japanese men and women as part of their regular facial regimen so that the skin stays soft and vibrant. Kojic acid also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. So as you have noticed Japanese have clear and light skin.

Kojie San
Frequent users of the soap in the Philippines have visibly noticed that their skin lightened up and whitened also, that is due to the deep exfoliating properties of the soap. The micro-peeling effect of the soap helps to break down the top layer of skin cells and peel away damaged skin, revealing the fresh and healthy cells underneath.

Ladies who aim to have lighter skin tone should definitely try Kojie.san. It’s been used by many throughout the years s in different countries because of  its skin lightening benefits that is proven to be effective.

This is the latest Japanese product added to my collections.

Kojie.san is available at Watsons stores, and other leading stores in the country.


Iskin New York LipAddict, Flawless Skin Clinic

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I am now a fanatic of natural / organic products. Organic products are more beneficial and healthier because of the produce used that are not being altered by chemicals. Chemicals, as we all know are harmful especially when absorbed in great amount by our body. I’ve made a new choice in taking care of my skin. My lotion is now from natural ingredients, chemical-free and paraben-free. My selfie pictures became dull after I became conscious with the cosmetics I use. I didn’t applied make up even lipsticks, afraid of the lead content of it. Yes, I’ve been through that stage. I avoided creams, lotions. My face was bare and pale then.

Living in the city can sometimes push us to live up to the ‘city life’, being ‘in’ and ‘fashionable’ are one of the trends most women has to follow. Yes, I want to stay clean from chemicals but doesn’t mean I have to stay away from cosmetics all the time. So I made a huge step in taking care of myself, I switched to natural products and now I have my natural lip plumper Iskin New York Lip Addict from Flawless Face and Body Clinic. Now I can get a shiny lippy without getting guilty of the toxicity content of the lip cosmetic.


I bought the Lip addict voluptuos lip plumper for P1250 at the Flawless clinic. It is exclusively distributed by Flawless so you won’t get it at other sources. As soon as I get the item, I tried it instantly and the first thing I really noticed is the taste which is a bit minty and strong but it offers a therapeutic feeling that would make you think its healing your ‘tired’ and ‘chemical-abused’ lips.

It is also very ‘light’. Do you noticed that kind of feeling as if your face is carrying a ton of make-up? Even when you’re only using lipstick. Well that’s odd!. The Iskin lip addict is definitely the bomb! It’s so light to feel like your face is naked.

I also like the color, it’s refreshing, natural-looking and say ‘teeny’! Yes, their colors can make you look younger. It comes in 12 shades, I chose the Mon Cherry.

Iskin LipAddict




Iskin Lip AddictIskin Lip Addict

I’ve been carrying this in my bag almost a month now, well so far so good. I just lather a small amount and I’m good to go! If I have to quicken up and brighten up the face, this one is my bestfriend. Not only that, I use this because it is really relaxing. The mint and smell. I just love it.



Here’s the ingredients of the lip plumper:

Iskin New York Lip Addict

This is the one I’ve been talking about, the Organic Moisturizing oils. Satisfied with the results using these oils.  Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid are responsible of the puoty effect on your lips.




First day of use at my home, face is bare,  only using the lip plumper here. No concealer, no powder (just defending the shine haha)



In general, I am happy with this purchase. Though it’s a bit pricey but if you are really determined to nourish your lips and give it a boost then this one is worth-it! It will last for months of use though. Now, I’m waiting to see for my lips to grow fuller. teehee, this is a plumper after all! So I’ll dream away :)

In Cagayan de Oro, Flawless Face and Body Clinic is located at 3rd Floor, Centrio Mall (Ayala).

Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant, Centrio Mall

I just love everything Japan! Foods, restaurants, kawaii stores, gadgets, cherry blossoms. I have this fondness developed over years after being able to visit local Japanese restaurants and stores. Notice how excellent their products are. Made with discipline and class! Now I have a new favorite Japanese resto right in the heart of Cagayan de Oro City! We were walking fast last Feb 14, 2014 in 3rd foor Centrio, Ayala Mall when I catch a glimpse of this dainty place. Then I noticed the Japanese characters on their signage. And it reads Tokyo Bubble Tea, Milk tea place and restaurant. So I was like giddity giddity kid. This must be a good restaurant to explore! By entering the place you can notice right away the Japanese songs played on. Ahh! Feels so Japan. The Tokyo Bubble shop is crowded that day, well, people always wanted to try something new so we understand the flocks.

On Feb 14th, we had a snack. We had their specialty takuyaki and I must say this is the best authentic takuyaki so far! It is smothered in rich sauce and cream. It is thick and satisfying. yeah I got full easily. Maybe I gorge desperately because it’s one of a kind yummy Japanese treat!

I’ve taken a bite already here because I can’t wait! That flipped side has a hidden trace of a huge bite! haha

Acting! We also had a green tea (my personal favorite tea) that is a good pair to my takuyaki.

And then there’s this tasty Yogi’s Poutine Fries. It was an afternoon with delight indeed!

And would you believe we dined in again the next day? Haha that was how hooked we are… so we invited 2 friends to come along.

This was mine – Teriyaki Chicken don. Enticing and soft with rich taste you can’t forget. Freaking drooling now seeing the picture!


Teriyaki Chicken Don
Bryan was once again ecstatic to consume his meal so the presentation is wracked up. I shall not post it here but I will for an idea. His is Korean Bulgogi. Yeah that’s huge and considering the price, very affordable.


IMG_6755I was really intrigued with their milk tea because its huge, presentable, so kawaii so we had it the next visit. Green tea milk tea for me (such a green tea addict). Was so satisfied I finished a huge jar, I shared it with Bryan but he took 1/8 part only because I was voracious hihi. With our friends here who ordered Strawberry milk tea and milk shake. KAMPAI!

I had their menu pictured but only for few pages. Take a look so you have an idea what to get ;)



Inside the restaurant.

Girl with happy tummy.  On the same spot from first visit to second.



Domo Arigato Tokyo Bubble Tea for bringing a taste of Japan in Cagayan de Oro City!


Kan-anan by the Sea, Talisayan Misamis Oriental




Kan-anan by the Sea is a simple restaurant that houses fresh meats without feet (if you know what I mean). It is a home of fresh, sumptuous seafoods cooked in a Filipino way with a touch of a mother’s love. It feels home, it feels like you taste the cooking of your own mother. We always look for the smell, aroma of house cooking when we got home and experiencing ‘Kan-anan by the Sea’ answers this longing!

Who doesn’t love a break from a monotonous lifestyle? Having our long road trip was a quick escape from the city life. Talisayan, Misamis Oriental offers a provincial feel, relaxing view and appreciation of a simple life. The fresh air galloping to our weary faces is such a bliss! The scenery is splendid, like a Monet painting.

On our way to Talisayan, we have read print ads of a famous and old seafood resto named Nita’s. So we looked for its location, even the locals would recommend Nita’s when we asked for directions for seafoods. And yes! The best part of traveling is getting lost! We didn’t find Nita’s soon ( or didn’t cared if its Nita’s), we ended up in ‘Kan-anan by the Sea’  (Foodhouse along the sea) as we are super hungry and excited to satisfy each of our stomachs. We stopped earlier as soon as we see a seafood house. Not bothered to check if its Nita’s. We stepped out from the car and settled down. Ahhh! the smell of the sea welcomed us!


We got inside and a wave of seafoods welcomed us! We chose the style of cooking and the kind of seafoods to enjoy. Then reality hit us, it was not Nita’s place haha! So I was tralala, I asked the cook if we can order from Nita’s and still order from the resto. And he declined with confusion. I was thinking maybe they are helping each other as neighbors. Was really thinking they can corporate their dishes, you know the Filipino province way. But business is business, they are different entity. Well I laugh at what I thought.


And so we wait for awhile, entertained ourselves with the pictures we just took from Mantianak Zoological and Botanical Park. The waitress has this system where they only served the foods when all of the orders are cooked. Not in a way where we have to wait long for another one to arrive. We enjoyed all of them in one time. Pick this, and that, and this, and that again. Slurp, slurp, it became silent for awhile and then the buzz started as we compliment the taste of foods. How we can steal the recipe, how we can visit the place from time to time, how we wish that its near to our place, that fresh seafoods are one of a kind, they cook deliciously, what could be their secret, is Nita’s better, and the talk goes on and on while are mouth is full. It all boils that to one thing, we are happy with the foods of Kan-anan by the sea. We talked about it a lot even on facebook photos.


On the table:

Large bowl of Sinigang Shells: Loaded with green onions and green veggies, this soup is so appetizing! I’ve consumed like 2 cups of rice :)


Sinugbang Danggit


Wow, what could be the secret of this grilled fish? The seasonings and veggies inside. The fish is kinda sweet, a sign of freshness. It’s really different to eat freshly caught and cooked seafoods. Its a healthy, yummy treat! The city doesn’t have this cooking.

Me, in a huge smile thinking ‘you’re mine, you’re mine’


Sinugbang Pusit / Grilled Squid


This is a simple dish as you can see in the photo, but its MIND BOGGLING how they are able to turn it into a very delightful dish. The softness, the sweetness with an edge of saltiness from the sea combines that created an impeccable seafood taste. I’m no chef or gourmet expert but this tasted wayyy better than other’s.

We had a wonderful experience and good time in general. If you are looking for lunch as you travel to Cagayan de Oro, consider exploring at Talisayan seafoods houses. Will gonna be back sooooon. Hope they still offer the same delicious meal next time :)

Reminder: This is not a painting, or photo backdrop.




Behold! the view from our table. The Philippines is such a beautiful country, we are so lucky to have these natural resources. People (government) just neglected these gifts, it was left unappreciated and underdeveloped. If only, these roads in Mindanao is developed. A train perhaps to let the passengers pass by the sea, what a progressive country it would be.


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